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These essential business tools are curated from 20 years of running a successful bridal storeā€”from my desk, to yours!

Existing Bridal Store Business Plan

Are you thinking about making a change in your business? Rebranding? Moving locations? Adding a second location? Bringing in a new designer that requires an investment? It is time to revise your business plan. Having a business plan for every 5 years of your business is critical for success in your bridal store. It helps to get a clear picture of your business and it is also essential if you are looking for financing or to sell your business!

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New Bridal Store Business Plan

When you are starting a new bridal store (or any business), a business plan is critical! A business plan is a roadmap for your business and is critical for success. It helps to get a clear picture of your business and it is also essential if you are looking for financing.

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Bridal Market Prep Worksheet

Before you invest in new designers or make any purchases at bridal market, it is essential that you analyze your business. Every dollar counts, so you want to be sure that you are investing and re-investing in designers and styles that are needed in your business. This analysis should also be done monthly to evaluate the performance of your inventory. It can also be helpful in determining if you should pick up or drop a designer.

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Bridal Store Procedures Manual Outline

Having documented procedures in your store is a KEY to empowering your staff and delegating more effectively, to free up your time as a bridal store owner. ThisĀ outline allows you to know what should be included in your bridal store procedures manual. This outline is intended to be a guide for creating your procedures, as procedures need to be specific to the way that you run YOUR business.

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Bridal Store Employee Handbook

This editable Bridal Store Employee Handbook is a done for you resource. Having an employee handbook is critical for setting the tone and professionalism of your store. Edit to your brand colors, add your logo, and enter key information like your mission and core values as a guideline for your staff.

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