Hey there! I'm Beth Chapman

Your bridal store bestie

Hey there! I'm Beth Chapman

Your bridal store bestie

I am a wedding entrepreneur with a passion for education and selling!

My mission is to assist bridal store owners like you master the art of selling and create a profitable business that leaves a mark on your client’s hearts.

When I am not educating, coaching bridal store owners or styling brides, you can find me riding my Peloton bike, walking at the beach in my hometown or cheering on my son from the football stands!

You opened your bridal store because you love fashion and weddings.

You want to provide an exceptional experience for your clients while having a profitable business that gives back to you and your family. 

But running a bridal store is anything but easy… 

Each day presents new challenges- from creating consistent cash flow and managing inventory levels, to hiring and training staff, to having steady sales and high closing ratios. 

That’s where I come in! My educational resources, courses, downloads, videos, and membership community  for bridal store owners all have a singular vision: to help wedding entrepreneurs provide an exceptional experience for their clients, elevate their businesses, and increase their sales.

Are you ready to elevate your bridal sales game and take your business to the next level? 


Join me on this transformative journey, where we'll delve deep into the challenges that you face as a bridal store owner and bridal stylist. Together, let's create a bridal shopping experience that is memorable, a business that is profitable, and a legacy of satisfied clients.


I can’t wait to take this journey with you!

The Bridal Retailer Academy is tailored for passionate bridal store owners and dedicated bridal stylists who are driven to redefine success in the bridal industry.


As a bridal store owner, you understand that business isn't just about selling dresses; it's about creating exceptional experiences for your customers and maximizing profits.

The Bridal Retailer Academy is an on-demand education platform designed to get to the heart of what will make your store successful- regardless of your stage of ownership.  It’s like having a 24-7 business coach! 

The Bridal Retailer Academy will help your stylists to master the art of selling, and guide you as a store owner in crafting a compelling brand identity, creating a business that is profitable, and cultivating a team of experts who delight your clients at every turn. 

This isn’t just a training program; it's a transformative experience that will change the way that you and your team think about selling. 

The Bridal Retailer Academy will also transform the way that you as a bridal store owner approach your business. It will take you from feeling like your business is running you, to feeling like you are not only running, but controlling your business. One that brings you profits AND JOY! 

I’ve taken my 20+ years of owning a million dollar +  bridal store and packaged together all of my experience and knowledge into this step by step blueprint. 

Join The Bridal Retailer Academy!

“Beth’s sales training is a part of how we are able to get someone who has never worked in sales or bridal before, to become ready to take on brides on their own and convert them to knowledgeable sales people within as short as two weeks!

- Jennifer, bridal store owner 

The White Dress Society

The White Dress Society’s mission is to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE independent bridal store owners.


Our members are retailers from across the globe with a common goal - to assist brides in looking and feeling beautiful on their wedding day. 

We support our members in this mission by providing education, community, a forum for communication, yearly retreats, and 24/7  support so you’ll never feel alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

The White Dress Society Retailers have access to a membership where they can enjoy even more in-depth conversations, coaching, community, and guest expert training to help you grow your bridal store.


"The White Dress Society Membership has helped me improve my business practices and grow tremendously as a business owner.

This business can sometimes feel like being on a deserted island. It is so nice to have a community where you feel like you can ask questions, seek the information needed and talk with like-minded business owners”

-Maggie Matthews , bridal store owner

Tools For Your Bridal Store

Looking for easy to implement quick fixes for your bridal store? Check out my business resources for bridal store owners. From swipe files, to business processes, there’s a download ready to support your business.

Downloadable Resources

About Beth Chapman

Oh hey there! I'm Beth Lindsay Chapman, a fashion industry veteran with a love for all things bridal!

I wear many “fashionable” hats in the industry. My journey has taken me through the roles of bridal boutique owner, stylist, educator, author, and wedding fashion consultant.

Having honed my skills during my tenure as Vice President of Merchandising for Ann Taylor, I discovered a deep passion for bridal fashion and a genuine commitment to curating unforgettable shopping experiences for brides. Oh by the way, I also had a terrible bridal shopping experience and felt that there was a more intimate and memorable way for brides to shop for their gowns…so I created it! In 2004, I founded The White Dress by the Shore, a luxury bridal boutique situated in an antique home on the Connecticut shoreline. 

As it turns out, that was just the beginning of my bridal industry story! Recognizing the unique challenges faced by bridal store owners, I founded Beth Chapman Styling + Consulting and launched The White Dress Society.  Drawing on my two decades of experience running a bridal store, I am on a mission to provide support and education to fellow entrepreneurs in the bridal industry. For me, teaching and empowering independent bridal retailers is not just a job—it's a calling.


As a mentor, I’m not just your typical teacher. I am more like a change making cheerleader!

I get fired up about innovations and new ideas…not just in my own business, but in yours!  Fueled by my passion for teaching, I am dedicated to helping bridal store owners elevate their brand, increase sales, and enhance overall business profitability. To me, the art of selling is not just a skill; it's an artform - one that can truly transform your business once it is mastered! And I LOVE assisting wedding professionals in mastering it! 

I don’t just love the business side of things, I have a passion for bridal fashion as well! Through my Beth Chapman styling business, I assist couples in selecting bridal fashion outside of my boutique, and provide dressing services to ensure they are flawless on their wedding day.  I have been fortunate to have my styling work and voice featured in various publications including two books I co-authored: "The White Dress in Color" and "The White Dress Destinations."

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Beth Chapman Styling 


I believe that when you look your best, you feel your best. 

With my expertise in bridal fashion and editorial eye, I have the great pleasure of providing styling and dressing services for planners and their discerning clients for their high-touch weddings around the globe. As a  connoisseur of garment construction, I believe that the proper fit is just as important as the design, knowing that it sets the tone for the entire day. I  work tirelessly with my clients to ensure their gown wears like a custom piece of art, providing them with comfort, confidence… and of course, flawless photos.

Let’s Get Fashionable

“I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Beth and her team by our side at my wedding.

From dress steaming, to getting my mom, bridesmaids and myself dressed, to sewing my bridesmaids’ dress straps back on after they broke, Beth was with us every step of the way, keeping all of us smiling and stress-free. She also assisted my photographer in styling my bridal portraits, first look, and family photos. This service was not something that I originally thought that I would need, but in hindsight, it was beyond helpful!”

- Kristina Christianson

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