The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

So, You’re in the Business of Helping Brides to Look and Feel Beautiful ...

As a bridal store owner, you probably love what you do. 

If you’re like me (and the other bridal store owners I work with), you love helping brides find their perfect gown - you love love and you love celebrating it with your clients!

Beth Chapman of The Bridal Retailer Academy in a pink jumpsuit adjusting the bow of a sheath wedding dress on a mannequin
And while YOU know that you’re GREAT at what you do…

Sometimes you might struggle with the way that our industry and our clients have changed.

You might feel like every gown sale is taking longer than ever to make!

I hear it all the time:


I feel like brides are visiting so many stores!

I don’t know how to ask for the sale at the end of my appointment

I feel like I am not attracting the right brides that value what my store has to offer

I feel uncomfortable with selling because I don’t want to come across as “salesy”

I feel like I SHOULD follow up, but I seem to always get ghosted!

Sometimes things are good — you’ll have a great month, your stylists seem to be connecting with your brides… And then a string of slow months — follow ups that lead nowhere, and bride after bride who say they have to sleep on it.


It can leave you doubting yourself, second guessing your talents and the services that you offer.

“Do I have the right mix of designers?”

“Do I have the right team in place?”

“Am I not good enough?”

And sometimes even, “What am I even DOING in this business?”


There are also other concerns that we have to deal with as bridal store owners:


Will I make payroll this month?

When is the right time to hire my first employee?

What do I do if a client writes a negative review?

How do I get to the point where I am no longer a slave to my business?

I’m Right There With You! 

I’ve owned my own bridal boutique, The White Dress by the Shore, since 2004. In the past 20 years I have felt all of the highs and all of the lows of being involved in such an emotionally charged business. 


In 2017 after owning my bridal store for over a decade, I hit a crossroads. Around that time, many non-bridal brands joined the bridal game and started selling online.  Even my own designers started to market and sell directly to brides. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I felt like I was on an island by myself and wished I had a network of other like-minded store owners to connect with. 

It made me realize that there was no community for bridal stores. Bridal stores rarely spoke with each other (especially not with anyone in their market).  When times were tough, it was hard to know if it was YOU or if everyone was going through the same thing. 

Photo for The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman. A lace-top strapless wedding gown reflected in a full length mirror hanging on a wall with a pink and white floral wallpaper
Photo for The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman. Detail shot of a bride holding the fabric of her wedding gown while looking at her reflection in the mirror.
I also realized that education was emerging in the wedding industry, but it was all geared towards wedding planners and wedding photographers. There was no education speaking directly to bridal store owners. 

It was at that time that I decided to be a vehicle for change and provide the support and education that our aspect of the industry so desperately needed. In 2017, I launched an education program designed specifically for bridal store owners and founded The White Dress Society, a community for independent bridal store owners that encouraged and provided communication, education and inspiration. 

What I have learned from talking to stores within The White Dress Society over the past 6 years  is that: 

We all have the same challenges! 

We ALL worry about cash flow

We are ALL concerned about negative client situations

We ALL have issues from time to time with our staff

We ALL hate minimums! 🙂


We ALL are dealing with a changing bride and it seems like it is getting harder to CLOSE A SALE! 

We want our brides to be happy, we want them to have their magic day, their happy memories, their dream dress, but when it comes to actually SELLING them on it…

It can feel pushy, uncomfortable, and inauthentic. 

Selling makes us feel like we are not being genuine. 

And that’s because most bridal stylists are missing a solid PROCESS to close the sale that feels good and genuine to you AND the client. 

Photo for the Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman. A woman in a wedding dress is looking at other options on a gown rack.

So, I have taken my two decades of experience working with brides and created a program JUST for bridal store owners who want to learn how to run a profitable business that consistently attracts the RIGHT bride and that allows them to simplify their selling process, skyrocket their close rate, and do it all WITHOUT even feeling like they’re selling! 

I am sharing the knowledge that I have gained and the process that I have used over the past 2 decades to create a 1 million $+ bridal store. 

“Beth is the best! So knowledgeable, yet approachable. You can tell that she has tested her strategies over years and really perfected them to a T.

She absolutely leads by example, which I find most helpful. After taking her course and then following her on social media, I see her implementing the strategies she taught us in her own businesses. That serves as a great reminder for myself of things that we need to do, too.”

Tanya, bridal store owner
The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

The most comprehensive education platform and sales training for bridal store owners and their stylists.

The Bridal Retailer Academy is an on-demand education platform designed to get to the heart of what will make your store successful- regardless of your stage of ownership.

It’s like having a 24-7 business coach! 

The Bridal Retailer Academy isn't just another training program; it's a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs.

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman
Picture this:

Mastering the art of selling, crafting a compelling brand identity, creating a business that is profitable, and cultivating a team of experts who delight your clients at every turn.


It's not just education; it's empowerment. It's not just training; it's transformation.
I’m Ready To Take My Business & Team To The Next Level

The Bridal Retailer Academy

The Bridal Retailer Academy is tailored for passionate bridal store owners like you and for dedicated bridal stylists who are driven to redefine success in the bridal industry. As a bridal store owner, you understand that business isn't just about selling dresses; it's about creating exceptional experiences for your customers and maximizing profits.

Beth Chapman of the Bridal Retailer Academy

Are you a bridal store owner eager to elevate your business, increase revenue, and prioritize the experience of your brides? 

The Bridal Retailer Academy is your ultimate partner in achieving these goals. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, if you're committed to making money while offering unparalleled client experiences, The Bridal Retailer Academy delves deep into the core selling and marketing strategies that will elevate your store to unprecedented heights.

Bridal stylists who aspire to master the art of selling and attain expert status in product knowledge will find The Bridal Retailer Academy to be their invaluable guide!

And the best part…you can use The Bridal Retailer Academy to do your sales training FOR YOU!  So you, as a bridal store owner, can spend more time focusing on creating the right inventory mix, attracting the right bride (the one YOU want to do business with),and driving profits, so that all of your hard work PAYS OFF!

(and PS: TBRA guides you through all of those things too!)

It's not just a training program; it's a transformative experience that equips your team with the skills and expertise needed to close more sales and helps you as a store owner to hire and train the best team, attract and sell to the RIGHT client, and to create a shopping experience that leads to even happier brides!

Who is TBRA for?

Before we dive deeply into The Bridal Retailer Academy, let me tell you who it is for!

The Bridal Retailer Academy is for visionaries and go-getters – those who dream of creating a thriving bridal business and unforgettable moments for their clients.


It’s for bridal store owners who are:

Struggling with sales objections and brides overshopping

Worried that staff turnover is affecting business profits

Concerned that you are not attracting the RIGHT bride for your business

Overwhelmed and feeling like you business is running you instead of YOU running your business

You got into this business because you LOVE love and want to help to create a beautiful memory for your brides. But along the way, things got hard and suddenly that passion turned into frustration.  

There is a way to get that passion back! 

If you are ready to turn your passion into profit and your expertise into excellence, then The Bridal Retailer Academy is right for YOU! 

Whether you are:

An aspiring bridal store owner or entrepreneur in the first five years of business who is facing challenges in defining your brand, engaging your ideal clients, and expanding your team to drive business growth….


A bridal store owner with 5 + years of experience striving to elevate your business to new heights-to ensure not only growth, but sustainable success. If you are looking to maintain consistent sales and maximize profit, transform your stylists to industry experts, or dream of your business operating seamlessly on its own….


You are in the right place!


I'm In!

“Beth’s sales videos are a part of how we are able to get someone who has never worked in sales or bridal before, to become ready to take on brides on their own and convert them to knowledgeable sales people within as short as two weeks!”

Jennifer, bridal store owner 
The Bridal Retailer Academy will give you the tools to: 

Own your business instead of having your business own you!


This exclusive education platform and sales training program is meticulously crafted to empower you with the essential skills, strategies, and confidence needed to establish a thriving brand, forge genuine connections with your brides, and assemble a high-performing team that consistently closes sales. 


And I will prove it, keep scrolling, my bridal bestie! 

After you have completed The Bridal Retailer Academy you will have ….

1. Crafted a Powerful Brand Identity:

Define your mission and vision, gaining a deep understanding of your target audience. Master the art of strategic marketing to connect with your ideal clients, ensuring your bridal store stands out in the industry.

2. Established a Competitive Edge:

Elevate your store's reputation with expert stylists trained in the art of selling and profound product knowledge. Cultivate a team that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations, giving your store a distinct advantage in the market.

3. Mastered Crisis Management:

Confidently handle challenging client situations, from appeasing upset Moms, to managing negative online feedback. Develop effective strategies to turn negative experiences into positive outcomes, showcasing your professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

4. Dramatically Improved Closing Ratios:

Double your store’s closing ratio by empowering your stylists with advanced sales techniques. Learn to tailor your approach based on individual client personalities, overcome objections, and consistently close sales, even during the bride’s initial visit.

5. Optimized Profitability:

Grasp the nuances of profit generation in your business. Explore the most effective methodologies to maximize your revenue streams, ensuring not just sales but sustainable, long-term profitability for your bridal store.

6. Mastered Staffing Excellence:

Develop comprehensive strategies and resources for the entire employment cycle. From recruiting and training, to retention, gain insights into hiring the right talent, nurturing their skills, and creating an environment where your staff will thrive, ensuring the growth and continuity of your business.

But above all else, you will have confidence as a bridal store owner that:

  • Your business can finally generate consistent, scalable revenue
  • You will be able to provide your target client an exceptional bridal experience (because you know exactly WHO they are and WHAT they want)
  • Your team will be trained bridal experts with a closing ratio consistently over 60%
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY You can focus on running your business instead of having your business run you!
I'm In!

“I would recommend Beth’s videos to any bridal store owner who wants to run their business more efficiently, and teach their consultant proven strategies for consistently creating happy customers!”

Wendy, bridal store owner

What you will get inside The Bridal Retailer Academy

I KNOW the challenges of running a bridal store, because I have lived it! I have owned my bridal boutique, The White Dress by the shore for 20 years. As the founder of The White Dress Society, I hear the struggles of bridal store owners first hand!

The Bridal Retailer Academy was created to help you as an independent bridal store owner to get to the heart of what will make your store successful.
It was meticulously crafted to alleviate your pain points and bridge the gaps in your business, empowering you to grow in areas where you seek improvement or lack knowledge.

This on-demand video series allows you to learn and train at your own pace. It has a library of 25+ self-paced, detailed lessons (plus exercises and downloads to go with them so that you can put everything into practice):


lessons geared specifically to YOU the bridal store owner focused on running a successful and profitable bridal store


lessons focused specifically on product knowledge and leveling up your stylist knowledge of fabrics, silhouettes, construction and accessories, which will build trust with their brides and ultimately lead to more sales!


lessons designed to train your stylists on selling techniques that will make their selling authentic, effective and are PROVEN to double their closing ratio!


downloads that accompany the lessons. They contain everything from checklists to swipe files to training exercises to resources. They not only reinforce the learning, but are an extra resource in your arsenal to make you the best bridal store that you can be!
I’m Ready to Start Learning!

Take a look inside The Bridal Retailer Academy to see what you will learn! 

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

Store Owner Module

  • Creating a Strong Brand
  • Key Business Advisors for your Store
  • Selecting design partners
  • Hiring and Retaining Staff
  • Creating and Inclusive Environment
  • Attracting your Target Client
  • The Art of Hospitality 
  • Handling Difficult Client Situations
  • How to Stand Out Among Your Competitors
  • Putting Profit First in your business
  • Identifying your target client workbook
  • Client experience checklist 
  • "Pre-sell” checklist 
  • Swipe copy of Help Wanted ad
  • Swipe copy for review responses
  • Employee self review form
  • Mark Prep Checklist 
  • …and more!
The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

Bridal Stylist Sales Training Module

  • Getting in the Selling Mindset
  • How to Become a Top Performing Bridal Stylist
  • The 5 KEYS to Closing More Sales
  • How To Ask for the Sale
  • Closing the Sale on the First Visit
  • Overcoming Sales Objections
  • Closing the Sale with a Returning Bride
  • Selling Based on Personality
  • How to Sell with an Inclusive Mindset
  • Selling Through Storytelling
  • Selling Beyond the Gown
  • How to Sell to the Squad
  • The Sale is in the FOLLOW UP
  • Personality Tracker
  • Sales objection prompts
  • Story telling prompts
  • Pre-qualification checklist
  • Timeline for closing the sale
  • Follow up checklist
  • Swipe copy for follow up emails
Training Exercises:
  • How to ask for the sale (asking one more question)
  • Story telling prompts 
  • Personality type prompts and reactions
  • Sales objection prompts 
The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

Bridal Stylist Product Knowledge Training Module

  • Fabric tutorial
  • Silhouette tutorial
  • Gown fit and construction tutorial
  • Veil tutorial
  • The art of clipping
  • Fabric guide
  • Silhouette guide
  • Train and bustle guides
  • Veil guide
  • Store resources guide
Training Exercises:
  • Fabric scavenger hunt
  • Silhouette scavenger hunt
  • Scenario training (utilizing fabric and silhouette knowledge)

Plus when you join today...

get these amazing bonuses!

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman
6-week Private Facebook Group

Get access to a group of bridal retailers just like you and daily connection with Beth Chapman and other students.

$199 value

Weekly Live Group Check-Ins & Training

Join Beth as she goes live inside the Facebook Group each week to share insider insights, marketing tips, and sales strategies that are working *right now* for bridal store owners.

$699 value

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman
Weekly Office Hours Session

As you move through the material, get direct access to Beth as your business coach with weekly office hour sessions, where you can ask questions and get instant feedback over the next 6 weeks.

$1,299 value

Ongoing Expert Training Series

I've rounded up the best in the business to teach you the secrets behind everything from Pinterest to Profit First with our ongoing expert training series. These are trainings you'll ONLY find inside The Bridal Retailer Academy!

$2,999 value

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

Total Value of Launch Bonuses:


Beth Chapman of the Bridal Retailer Academy. Beth is in a light pink dress with a bow collar holding up a glass of champagne.

I initially launched my training platform, The Series 2.0 in 2017 and it has been met with overwhelming results:


“Beth’s education guided us through some of the biggest mental roadblocks in selling. It helped put our focus on our ideal client, our "set us apart" strengths,  and bringing our team together to work as one."

Anna, bridal store owner

As the industry has evolved, I thought it was important to also evolve and expand the content..making it even more valuable and timely. 

I have taken all of the feedback from the nearly 500 bridal store owners who have purchased The Series 2.0 and changed and added content to make it EVEN more relevant, EVEN more helpful and EVEN easier to train your team!


YOU deserve to invest in yourself and take your business to the next level

The bridal gown market size is projected to grow to $73.2 billion by 2030, a growth of 6.5%.

Are you ready to grow with it?!


It’s time for you to STAND OUT in the pack!  It is your time to rise above! 

You have worked so hard in starting and growing your business. 

Our industry and our clients are changing, and so should you. It is YOUR time to make a shift!  

It is YOUR time to experience consistent cash flow, cultivate a trained and knowledgeable staff, and achieve unwavering profitability. This ensures not only reinvestment in your business but also substantial financial rewards for YOU! 

I can’t wait to see what you do with this knowledge!

I can’t wait to see you inside The Bridal Retailer Academy! 

Photo for The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman. Detail shot of two hands ringing a "champagne please" bell with two frosty glasses of champagne in the background.

Starting a bridal store is not easy.

But, look at you! You have made it this far!  You deserve success! 


I know you love what you do!  You have worked so hard, you deserve to reap the rewards of all of that hard work. Your clients deserve to have an amazing bridal shopping experience. Your team deserves to be part of a strong brand and thriving business. You deserve to live your best life and to be able to successfully run your business vs having your business run you! 

I want to give you, your team and your clients what they deserve!

You deserve The Bridal Retailer Academy and the success that it will bring to your business and your team. 

You deserve the BEST!

Beth Chapman of the Bridal Retailer Academy

“Honestly, before Beth’s education, we were stuck. We did not know how to identify our target client. After taking the course, We are nailing the pre-sell! We are speaking to our brides before they connect with us through our website and social media. We are educating them, not just blindly posting pretty things.

And the best part is that our closing ratio is consistently 66%”

Tanya, bridal store owner

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman
The most comprehensive education platform and sales training for bridal store owners and their stylists.

Here's everything you get access to inside The Bridal Retailer Academy:

10 Lessons for Store Owners ($999 value)

14 Bridal Stylists Sales Trainings ($1,399 value)

6 Bridal Stylist Product Knowledge Trainings  ($899 value)

10+ Store Owner Downloads ($499 value)

4+ Sales Downloads ($199 value)

5+ Bridal Stylist Sales Training Exercises ($399 value)

5+ Product Knowledge Guides ($399 value)

3 Product Knowledge Training Modules ($149 value)

8+ Expert Series Lessons ($2,999 value)

Plus these amazing launch bonuses:


6 Week private Facebook group with live check-ins and group trainings ($898 value)


6 Weeks of private office hours where you can ask Beth questions and get feedback ($1,299 value)


Ongoing expert training series ($2,999 value)


Total Value = $9,839

Today's Price = only $1,298

two payments of


totalling $1,498

Get started for $749
Pay In Full


Save $200


Our success guarantee

I believe in this course so much because I have seen how these techniques can work. Not only in my businesses over the last 20 years, but with my previous students. If you complete the course and don’t make back your investment within 8 weeks, I will personally work with you until you do.

All you have to do is sell 1 more gown in order to pay for this training! And I GUARANTEE that will happen! - and then everything else is icing on the cake because they have these skills for LIFE.

Testimonials for the Bridal Retailer Academy by Beth Chapman

Ready for this?

Are you ready to transform the way you think about selling, transform your sales team into expert stylists, transform your brand to consistently attract the right bride, transform your profitability so that you can reap the rewards of all of your hard work....I know you are! And it all starts here, with The Bridal Retailer Academy!

Let's get started!