Wedding Selling Made SIMPLE:

An Exclusive Opportunity for Wedding Professionals Who Want More Leads, Easier Sales, and a Steady Flow of Clients


So, You’re in the Business of

Making Dreams Come True...

If you’re a wedding professional, whether you’re a bridal store owner, photographer, wedding planner, floral designer, cake designer, DJ - you probably love what you do. 


 If you’re like me (and the other wedding pros I work with), you love helping couples make their wedding unforgettable - you love love and you love celebrating it!
And while YOU know that you’re GREAT at what you do…
Sometimes you might struggle with getting that message across to clients so that they can see the value of what you offer and will happily pay for it.  


After all, you’re making their dreams come true :-)
But for many wedding pros, whether you sell products or can be hard to ATTRACT the right clients that value your services and CLOSE the sale in a way that feels good. 

I hear it all the time: 

"I feel like I am not attracting the right clients that value my services"
"I don’t know if my potential clients will pay what I think my product or services are worth  (or what I deserve)"
"I feel uncomfortable with selling because I don’t want to come across as “salesy”
"I don’t know how to ask for the sale at the end of my appointment/consultation with my client"
"I feel like I SHOULD follow up, but I seem to always get ghosted!"

Sometimes things are good - you’ll land a great client, you have a great run of sales…
And then a string of unproductive consultations...follow ups that lead nowhere...and inquiry after inquiry from couples who aren’t a good fit…


Can leave you doubting yourself, second guessing your talents and the services that you offer. 
“Are my prices too high?” 
“Am I not good enough?”
And sometimes even, “What am I even DOING in this business?”

I’m right there with you!

 I’ve owned my own luxury bridal boutique, The White Dress by the Shore, since 2004 - and I’m still very involved in the business.  

 About 5 years ago, I started mentoring other bridal store owners in a community that I founded called the White Dress Society, so I’ve felt and heard all of these struggles first hand. 

 After 17 years of selling directly to brides, I was honored when The Knot/Wedding Pro asked me to give a speech on sales to 300 wedding pros (not just bridal store owners). 


That’s when I realized…

The sales struggle is universal to ALL wedding professionals, whether you’re a bridal store owner, photographer, wedding planner, floral designer, beauty professional, DJ...we ALL want the same thing: to CLOSE MORE SALES, make more couples happy, and of course pay the bills!

 And during that event I ALSO realized one more important thing

Wanting more sales and ACTUALLY closing more sales are two different things! 

 We want couples to be happy, we want them to have their magic day, their dream dress, their gorgeous photos and happy memories, but when it comes to actually SELLING them on it…

 It can feel pushy, uncomfortable, and inauthentic. 

 Selling makes us feel like we are not being genuine. 

 And that’s because most wedding pros are missing a solid PROCESS to close the sale that feels good and genuine to you AND the client. 

 In working with hundreds of wedding pros I have developed a unique 5 step process that anyone can follow to easily and confidently close more sales…

 Whether you are selling products like bridal gowns or wedding cakes, or services like photography, wedding planning, or entertainment…

 The 5 Keys to Selling Remain the SAME!  

 So I decided to take my methodology and my 2 decades of experience of selling products AND services and create a program JUST for wedding professionals who want to simplify their selling process, skyrocket their close rate, and do it all WITHOUT even feeling like they’re sellingI

 That’s when Simplified Selling for Wedding Pros was born. I initially launched it in October of 2020 when I saw so many wedding pros struggling…

 And I was blown away by the results!


Bridal store owner

The SS Course guided my team and I through some of the biggest mental roadblocks in selling. It helped put our focus on our ideal client, our "set us apart" strengths, and our closing ratio increased by 10%!



Beth's guidance on showing clients my value in expertise and quality and asking clients what they value, besides price, was invaluable. It immediately helped me to book a client!


Wedding planner

I love Beth's 5 keys of selling - specifically I never considered the "pre-sell" - the way she explained it made total sense and made me think about social media differently :)

Seeing the success of my students, I realized…

 When you have the right steps in the right order, at that right time in the sales process, you CAN master the art of selling! 

 If you’re ready to hone your selling process and develop the skills that get you comfortable with selling…

 So that you can book clients NOW during engagement season…

I’d like to invite you to my signature program…

Closing the Sale:

Simplified Selling for Wedding Pros


You’ll get access to 8 on-demand, detailed video modules (plus 6 companion exercises and downloads, so that you can put everything into practice). 

ps: the exercises and downloads alone can and HAVE transformed businesses!

Here's what you'll discover in the program....



The 7 Keys to Developing a Selling Mindset 

You’ll Discover: Why mindset can make or break your selling process, and how to make small shifts in your selling mindset to start seeing results. 

You’ll Have: More confidence and a shift in your sales conversations right away. 

Exercise: Finding your Why - A step by step worksheet helps you to discover WHY you love what you do and helps to uncover your competitive advantages, so that you can sell them with ease


Identifying Your Target Client 

You’ll Discover: How to identify who your ideal clients REALLY are so that you can not only sell to them, but attract more just like them! If you’ve been through this process before, well, we’re going to do it a bit differently this time :-) You can't effectively sell to your target client if you don't TRULY know who they are! 

You’ll Have:  A tangible working knowledge of who your target client REALLY is (without guessing) so that you can find more of them! 

Exercise: Identifying Your Target Client Workbook - A comprehensive step by step guide to uncover WHO your target client is so that you can attract more of these clients!


Creating An Experience for Your Client  

You’ll Discover: Why creating an exceptional buying experience for your clients matters...and my 6 keys to create that experience no matter what you’re selling. 

You’ll Have:  A proven method to build your client’s trust and make them want to book with you!

Resource: Client Experience Checklist - a checklist that will become a valuable resource to ensure that you are exceeding your client's expectations with every touch point! 


Selling Roadblocks and How To Overcome Them 

You’ll Discover: The single biggest reason why wedding pros don’t get the sale and how to avoid it! 

You’ll Have:  A fool-proof guide to overcoming the most common sales objections. 


The Art of The Tailored Sales Approach: Selling Based on Personality 

You’ll Discover: How to quickly and easily identify the personality type of your client and tailor your sales approach accordingly with a few simple tweaks - this is huge and so many people miss out on sales because they don’t realize it! 

You’ll Have:  An understanding of the 5 key personality types:  their common characteristics and the best strategy to sell to them.  

Resource: Client Personality Identifier - a handy cheat sheet that will help you to easily identify the client's personality and provide snack size tips to the best sales approach! 


Closing The Sale: How to Build Trust and Book More Clients

You’ll Discover:   The 5 keys of closing the sale and how mastering these techniques will lead to endless bookings...and happy clients! 

You’ll Have:  A strong understanding of what needs to take place in EVERY part of the sales process: from pre-sell to inquiry to booking... in order to ensure that you close the sale! 

Resource: Inquiry Checklist - your go to resource to ensure that you are asking the right questions in the inquiry process so that you are armed with the tools that you need to close the sale


The Sale is In The Follow Up   

You’ll Discover:  The 6 keys to an effective follow up that will not only help to prevent clients from ghosting you, but will give you the tools to stand out from your competition.

You’ll Have: The framework for a follow up process that will continue the conversation after the consultation and lead to a booked client! 

Resource: Follow Up Checklist - a step by step guide to a successful follow up that converts to a sale!  This module also includes two proven follow up email scripts! 


How to Get Your Clients To Sell For You 

You’ll Discover:  How the selling process continues even after your client signs on the dotted line and how to turn your current clients into FUTURE clients! 

You’ll Have: A methodology for turning your clients into loyal fans that will become your biggest cheerleaders and evolve into FREE salespeople! 


I was really struggling to communicate value and connect with clients.  I felt very defeated and unbookable. After taking The Simplified Selling Course, my sales increased by 237%!   I now have a much clearer understanding of who my target client is and how to sell my strengths and showcase my differences in a way that elevates and highlights my company. “
- Jules, wedding planner 

So, what's the investment?


And, I want you to look at it as just that, an investment in your business and your future!

When you enroll today, you will get a link to get started on the course.

I am not charging you anywhere near the ACTUAL VALUE because I want this course to be accessible to all wedding pros who want to get comfortable with selling, increase their bookings and grow their revenue! 

Whether you are just starting start out, or you a seasoned pro, this course will help to transform the way you think about selling and increase your bottom line! 

I have put together two payment choices: 


Best Value

1 Payment 

$498 (save $57)


Most Flexible

3 Payments

of $185


Extra Bonus Module: The Future of Selling!

As a gift for investing in yourself and your business, I am including a bonus module + download: Selling Based on Mission & Core Values.

In this module you will identify the mission and core values of your business and learn how to utilize them to attract and sell to your target client.

THIS is the future of selling! 

I am also including a workbook that walks you through identifying your company's mission and core values! Plus: how to use them in your selling process! 

I want this bonus AND the course!

Just to recap, here is everything that you get when you join the course...

  • 8 Core Modules   $2000 VALUE
  • 6 worksheets and downloads  $900 VALUE
  • Bonus Training: Selling based on Mission and core values   $250 VALUE
  • Bonus Workbook: Mission and core values $250 VALUE

If you are like me, you will need a calculator, to total up the total value of this course!  I will save you a step!

The TOTAL COURSE VALUE is $3400 !!!

But that's not what it will cost you!

Because I want wedding pros to close more sales in a way that feels good to them, because I want entrepreneurs like you to understand what selling is and how simple it can be, because I want to see businesses like yours thrive, and I want you to learn how to help your clients buy vs being sold to, I have made ALL of this available for just:

Best Value

1 Payment 

$498 (save $57)


Most Flexible

3 Payments

of $185


Plus, I am guaranteeing your success-

I believe in this course so much because I have seen how these techniques can work. Not only in my businesses over the last 17 years, but with my previous students.  If you complete the course and don’t make back your investment within 8 weeks, I will personally work with you until you do. 

Most of my students make this back quickly with their very first client or sale - and then everything else is icing on the cake because they have these skills for LIFE.

Look at it this way - You can easily make your money back on this program:

  •  With all the extra sales you’ll make...
  •  And the time you’ll save...
  •  And the SKILLS and TOOLS to do it over and over again...

Because I want you to book MORE clients, and ensure that they are THE RIGHT clients that you have always wanted to work with, I am allowing you to grab this course for just... 

I’m in! 

Let’s Get Started!

Best Value

1 Payment 

$498 (save $57)


Most Flexible

3 Payments

of $185



Honestly, before this course, we were stuck.  We did not know how to identify our target client. After taking the course, We are nailing the pre-sell!  We are speaking to our customers before they connect with us through our website and social media.  We are educating them, not just blindly posting pretty things.
- Tanya, bridal store owner 

The techniques that you will learn in this course will allow you to book more clients WITHOUT feeling like you are selling to them!  



I'm ready to master the art of selling!


"The Personality Identifier Cheat Sheet was a game changer!  It hangs in my office and when reviewing an email inquiry or during a phone conversation, I use it to help to remember how to adjust my sales approach based on the client’s personality traits. It has already helped me feel more confident when selling and helped me to close more sales!. “
- Ingrid, photographer

Sometime selling does not feel good-it does not feel like the way that we want to show up for our clients. 

It is possible to close sales in a way that FEELS GOOD!

It is possible to get comfortable with selling!

Get ready to sell with ease and watch your close rate soar!

Best Value

1 Payment 

$498 (save $57)


Most Flexible

3 Payments

of $185


See you inside the course!

Images of Beth by Carla Ten Eyck